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This unique Pop Art occasional chair will add colour to your room and provide a stimulating topic of conversation.

The chair is spray painted in a bright blue with a navy velvet seat


Why is Pop Art distinctive?

Bright colours can be found in Pop Art.

Pop art's bold, bright colours, which impart cheeriness, optimism, and a sunny feel, are one of the things that distinguish it and give it life.


What is the pop art design movement?

To surprise and delight people, American artists Patrick Henry Bruce, Gerald Murphy, Charles Demuth, and Stuart Davis developed pop art in the 1920s. Pop art presents itself in interior design as distinctive, expressive, contrasting, and vibrant. The primary characteristics include the usage of plastic, flamboyant shapes, rainbow colours, and repeated components.


Shipping will be calculated when postcode information is received.


Occasional Navy Painted Pop Art Chair "Oops!"

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